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With the advent of shale gas, the US is estimated as having 2,300 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural gas resources, with approximately 95% of this being in the form of methane.

This presents an enormous opportunity to secure low cost feedstock for major downstream monetization products such as methanol, ammonia and gas-to-liquids production. With industry leaders currently rushing to expand operations across the value streams and take advantage of this abundance, the opportunity has never been greater to maximize margins.

To determine the most profitable avenue for investment, it is also critical to quantify and pinpoint global markets for methanol, ammonia and fuels, as well as production and technology costs to accurately forecast investment returns.

On top of this, methane supply is in high demand from petrochemical markets, power generation requirements and LNG exports, and comprehensive evaluation of regional methane supply must be undertaken to evaluate project viability and secure cost effective methane feedstock supply.  

For that reason the Monetizing C1 Methane Feedstocks Summit has been purposely designed to answer the burning questions, providing exclusive insights into on-going strategies for capitalizing on the abundance of natural gas and growing markets downstream.  

The first conference ever providing key insights into the most effective investment strategies, leading end users will provide exclusive insights into the drivers for natural gas price and supply opportunities, the capital costs for project development and operation, the latest developments in production and vitally, mapping and targeting the most significant downstream market opportunities for methanol, ammonia and GTL producers.


GTL TECHNOLOGY MARKETS & SCALABILITIES: Evaluating the comparative capital costs of various scaled GTL technologies as well as understand the breadth of downstream markets and demand for this product

DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL AMMONIA DEMAND OPPORTUNITIES: Calculating the projected volumes for Ammonia production and global demand to comprehensively determine expansion ROI

METHANOL DESTINATIONS & APPLICATIONS: Evaluating planned production volumes of methanol, emerging applications and logistical costs to target specific industry and regional market returns

FORECASTS FOR METHANE SUPPLY: Understanding the long term forecasts for the shale gas and coal bed methane supplies to understand both availability and pricing of this feedstock

COMMODITY PRICING DYNAMICS: Analyzing the pricing dynamics for methane against ammonia, methanol and GTL products to pinpoint exact tipping points for investment profitability

EXPORT AND MIDSTREAM INFRASTRUCTURE OPPORTUNITIES: Hear updates on existing and planned midstream and export infrastructure projects alongside supply and demand growth to determine the optimum areas for investment



It is vital for companies looking to capitalize on abundant natural gas feedstocks...

that they understand specific global market opportunities for ammonia, GTL products, ammonia and urea, to forecast market netbacks. On top of this, it is critical to evaluate production technology costs and ongoing feedstock availability for projects to determine their long term commercial viability.

Because of this, the Monetizing C1 Methane Feedstocks Summit 2015, will bring together leaders from the methanol, ammonia, and GTL stakeholders as well as E&P, midstream companies and technology suppliers to target the greatest market opportunities for capitalizing on the growing abundance of natural gas in North America

Key Things To Note About The Monetizing C1 Methane Feedstocks Summit 2015

  • PROJECT DEVELOPMENTS : The only event to provide the latest updates on production expansion projects, the timelines for them and their impact on pricing, critical to determining the commercial viability of any downstream investment
  • METHANE PRODUCT MARKETS : The only event bringing together downstream industry stakeholders to assess all methane product markets, such as methanol, ammonia and GTL, and the resulting profitability from investment in their expanded production.  
  • ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN : The only event in the industry bringing together all stakeholders from the entire methane supply chain, including E&Ps, midstream companies, ammonia producers, GTL project stakeholders and methanol companies, distributors, traders and more
  • METHANE SPECIFIC : The only event focusing specifically on the methane value stream, providing in depth analysis of feedstock production, midstream supply and potential pricing impacts from alternative demand
  • SUPPLY/DEMAND ANALYSIS : The only event to provide a comprehensive 360 degree analysis of the supply demand balance for C1 feedstock monetization, including methane volumes being produced from the range of sources, and the entire spectrum of downstream product markets


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